Welcome to Dreamtime Magic

Thank you for stopping by my website. As an artist, poet and inspirational teacher, my goal is provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to explore your dreams and how they can be applied to your spiritual journey.

About My Spiritual Journey

My grandmother who was a clairvoyant and I grew up in a family where being psychic was well accepted. From as early as I can remember, our family members talked about their dreams, visions and psychic predictions.

My own spiritual journey began with a near-death experience when I was eight. A week later my father died in a car accident. On the night of his death, he came to visit me and several other family members in our dreams. These life changing events propelled me into a world where I frequently visit with people who are no longer living in my dreams.

In high school, I turned to writing poetry as a way to express the insights received in dreams. Later, when I was working on my masters in creative writing, I started to explore how dreams are used for healing in other cultures.

Dreamtime Magic

In 1999, I was asked by Ted Andrews of Dragonhawk Publishing to put my ten years of personal research on dreams into a book for young teens helping them learn how to understand and interpret their dreams. If you wish, you can use my book to develop the power or your imagination as well. To send an email to Pagyn Alexander, author of Dreamtime Magic, please click here.

Dream Study Group Workshops

I'm also available for Dream Study Group Workshops where you and 5 friends can learn how to develop your dream interpretation skills and your intuitive abilities. In these workshops, you will also come to realize you and your dreams are more magical than you ever dreamed possible.

The two-hour workshops are limited to groups located within 100 miles of Fargo, North Dakota. Cost is $15.00/per student. Minimum of 5 students per small group workshop. To schedule a Dream Study Group Workshop with Pagyn, call 218 / 962-3202.